Since day 1, our mission at Jimmy Fairly has been simple. To bring back great styles to the optical world with a smile.


Fast forward to today and little has changed. With over 100 stores in Europe, and a website in USD, we’re bringing more of you the Jimmy Fairly experience - quality styles at fair prices with a positive social & sustainable impact.


More Quality.

We’re always challenging ourselves to do better and be better. Since we started, we’ve been exploring new and innovative ways to make quality styles that are kinder to our planet. In 2022, we went one step further and created our most earth-friendly collection yet. But what’s next?



The Design.


Designed in our Paris HQ, our teams work hard to create premium on-trend styles you’ll love and feel good wearing. Just for you.





You deserve the best. That’s why we select only top-of-the-range materials and components, all manufactured by those most recognised in their field.

Our acetate materials are made with Mazuchelli (Italy), Jinyu and Jimei (China). Our hinges are developed by OBE (Germany). All leaders in their sector.





For a while now, the majority of our styles have been made from bio-acetate, a plant-based and biodegradable material.


In 2022, we created our most-earth friendly collection yet. Experimenting with renewable materials, we used a 100% bio-based polymer made from oyster shell or castor oil to make new, improved versions of our favourite frames. The result? Same high-quality styles that are kinder to our planet.



Assembled in France.


What happens next? All of our eyeglasses are assembled and hand-checked in our workshop in France.


We’re super happy to call this workshop ours. Not only has it created more than 30 jobs but it ensures great quality and efficiency.


Fitted with the best and most innovative machinery, our workshop cuts on average 480 pairs of lenses per day! Finally, our lenses are assembled by our dedicated team processing your prescriptions. During this step, your glasses benefit from further quality control…by machine and by hand. Only the best!





You can find our glasses exclusive in our stores or on our website. Our team of expert optometrists are in-store to help you find the right pair.


More Conscious.

In 2022, we introduced more innovations to our techniques. We continued to invest in the future of eyewear and we’re pretty proud of it! We released a limited edition capsule collection made up of 100% renewable materials, like oyster shell. Watch this space.





We have eliminated single-use packaging (boxes) during the sale process and invested the savings in a high-quality reusable bag. Protecting your glasses is key, so we provide you with an individual bag, and replaced plastic bags with biodegradable bags.



Green Energy.


All of our stores, workshops and offices now run on 100% green energy.