What is the difference between

opticians & optometrists ?




These specialists are trained to recommend the best eyeglasses based on your eye health and prescription. At Jimmy Fairly, we have optical specialists on the shop floor, who can dispense spectacles and recommend treatments based on lifestyle. They are also trained to take the pupillary measurements for your new glasses, and they will also show you how to take care of your new eyewear.





Our expert optometrists do your eye exam. Optometrists are not doctors, but highly trained specialists who can diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions to help with eye health & visual impairments. Optometrists are also qualified to recommend eye strengthening exercises and vision therapy.


During an eye test, an optometrist examines the internal and external structure of your eye in order to identify abnormalities or diseases, such as astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, and can tell you how best to manage or treat these conditions. If any abnormalities are detected that need medical treatment or surgery, an optometrist can also refer you to an ophthalmologist.